15th October, 2015 is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Global Hand washing Day is an opportunity to design, test, and replicate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

Among the critical times are:

After using the toilet
Before giving a child meal and after child cleaning
After and before eating meal

Main Objectives:

Reduction in mortality and morbidity in four district of CSZ of Somalia through global hand washing day promotion and awareness raising..


SOYVGA main issue set is behavioral communication change designed to promote health in Baidoa, Qoryoley, Afgoye and Banadir districts of south central Somalia..

Methodologies used in disseminating the messages are:

shirts: Over 800 T.shirts with slogan of hand washing message were distributed in 4 districts of activity sites.
Posters messages: 50 posters were used in disseminating the hand washing messages in the entire four districts.
Media (two local FM radios): two local FM radios were used to disseminate hand washing messages during all media news repeatedly.
youth network: one youth network was used in disseminating messages on hand washing


Public gatherings: markets. Mosques, schools. Were targeted place and awareness on hand washing.


Hand washing demonstration: 32 demonstrations were conducted in four districts of CSZ.


Soap distribution: 480 pieces of soap were distributed to mothers at the demonstration sites.


Activities at Demonstration sites :

The participants taught when to wash hand.
They too taught why it’s important to wash hands
They also taught how to wash hand.


Importance of hand washing day:

Reduction in mortality and morbidity
Reduction in hygiene related diseases



Behavioral communication change found as [...]

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International Youth Day in Bay, Benadir and Lower Shebelle, SOMALIA 12th AUGUST 2015

NAYD member Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association (SOYVGA) aims to raise awareness of the importance of youth participation and investing in youth; to encourage mutual understanding among youth and create a platform of interaction by organizing events that enhances participation and open discussions on issues that affect their lives as youth and take actions to address the identified issues thus resulting unity; to create awareness and promote peace among the youth. During World Youth Day events were held in Baidao , Lower Shebelle Region and Benadir Region successfully. Youth events are a little different from normal in Somalia because of insecurity. All the same we successfully celebrated the day in communities, schools, youth clubs, or workplaces. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Baidoa event pictures

Event pictures Qoryooley district Lower shebelle region

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September this year is an important month for Africa in terms of development. The process of arriving at SDGs which has been long and involving different stakeholders will culminate at these SDGs being adopted by UN Member States. There are many young people out there doing amazing work at the community in different capacities and NAYD wishes to highlight their work and help tell a positive African story. This month we celebrate the work done by Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association (SOYVGA) which is based in Somalia.

Celebrating the National Youth Day

Following the political upheavals in Somalia that saw many people displaced and others leaving the country among those remained saw a need in the community and decided to come together and do something about it. This saw the birth of SOYVGA which seeks to equip the youth with skills and the capacity to build their country.SOYVGA envisions a Somalia with socio-economic conditions that enables communities to live in prosperity, self-reliance, sustainable peace, democracy and respect for human rights.

SOYVGA has projects focusing on different areas from humanitarian assistance, education, food security, economic development to governance. This May, SOYVGA celebrated with other youths the National Youth Day in Mogadishu. Youth Day is marked on the 15th of May each year in Somalia to recognize the role of Somali Youth League (SYL) that played a key role during the fight for independence.

Marking the International Youth Day

To find out more about SOYVGA’s work and how you can be involved see their website here You can contact them through .

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    Joint Fact Finding Mission on WASH Assessment in Bulla Eelay (Waberi District) Mogadishu By IOM and SOYVGA Date: 25th February 2016

Joint Fact Finding Mission on WASH Assessment in Bulla Eelay (Waberi District) Mogadishu By IOM and SOYVGA Date: 25th February 2016

       Joint Fact Finding Mission on WASH Assessment in Bulla Eelay Mission Team:
1. Kassim IOM & WASH Cluster Coordinator
2. Abdikadir M Nur SOYVGA Executive Director
3. Eng. Abdiaziz A. Harun SOYVGA Program Manager
4. Abdirahman Aliow Issack SOYVGA Admin/Finance Officer
5. Binazir Ibrahim SOYVGA Youth & Women Empowerment Officer
6. Ali Hashi DC Bulla Eelay Federal Government of Somalia
7. Ahmed Director of Investment Ministry Commerce & Industry

1. Background
Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are critical for survival in the initial stages of an emergency.
People in emergencies – especially children – are more susceptible to illness and death from diseases
that are often caused by lack of sanitation, inadequate safe water supplies and poor hygiene.
After Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association (SOYVGA) submitted WASH needs assessment report of
Bulla Eelay to the WASH Cluster members, Cluster focal point Mr. Kassim having realized pathetic
situation of the IDPs and host community of that area which was generated by the report, he
immediately asked SOYVGA to organize for a fact finding mission. The mission was well coordinated by
SOYVGA team together with the DC of Bulla Eelay and his team, we therefore send our warm and special
thanks to Mr Kassim from IOM (WASH luster focal point) for his immediate response and heartfelt
concern to this crisis.
2. Objective of the Assessment
The main of objective of the joint assessment was the cluster focal person to witness and see WASH
crisis condition of the IDPs and host community of Bulla Eelay that was reported by SOYVGA.
Ururka Dhalinyarada
Mutadawiciinta Soomaaliyeed
Somali Youth Voluntary
Group Association
Simply for better future
3. Methodology
The following methods were employed to collect data in the area:
 Questionnaire [...]

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    WASH Assessment in Bulla Eelay (Waberi District) Mogadishu Date: 12 -16 February 2016

WASH Assessment in Bulla Eelay (Waberi District) Mogadishu Date: 12 -16 February 2016

Assessment Team:
1. Eng. Abdiaziz A. Harun
2. Abdirahman Aliow Issack
3. Abdullahi Nur Mohamed
4. Fatuma Shiekh Issack

1. Introduction
Contaminated water has plagued Mogadishu Somalia for decades causing diseases, suffering and death.
In 1991 the government of Somalia collapsed that resulted the nation to remain without a functioning
government and as a result descended into anarchy and destruction as civil war ravaged the land,
although currently the federal government of Somalia together with the African Union begun to restore
stability to Mogadishu and to other part of Somalia. Yet the devastating effects of war, anarchy and
extreme poverty continues to cause extreme suffering for millions Somalis.
Prior to the war, the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu obtained their fresh water through pipes that
transported water into the city from a river located in Afgoye town 16 miles north of the city. The war
caused this water distribution infrastructure to collapse, as means for the people of Mogadishu to
obtain water they began to dig wells and boreholes that are poorly constructed all throughout the city.
A destroyed waste management infrastructure and a complete lack of enforced well construction
guidelines and polices, become dangerous and deadly because of cross contamination with human,
animals waste, bacteria, microorganisms and other pollutants, That caused an extreme environmental
health disaster for the general population, its estimated that as much as 80% of the population of
Mogadishu do not have access to save drinking water, the result is an endemic spread of water borne
diseases such as cholera, dysentery, Typhoid and Acute Watery Diarrhea that claim the lives of many
Bulla Eelay is one of the administrative locations of Waberi District in Mogadishu, majority of its
inhabitants are [...]

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Joint Rapid Assessment

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Title of the activity

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Ku soo dhawaaw SOYVGA

Ku soo dhawaaw SOYVGA

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Welcome To SOYVGA Official Website

The collapses of Somalia central Government 1991 has led to the migration of Somalia people to other parts of the world.
The social economic and infrastructure collapsed, this has led the communities to the suffer, especially the Vulnerable groups such as women, children, Youth, Intellectuals and Elders.

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