The selection panel that were formed using a participatory approach of key stakeholders were tasked with two main activities vis-à-vis Selection of Enterprises for training based on capacity assessment against agreed upon selection criteria and select and place 80 vulnerable youth and women for various skills training in the selected centers. The 4 EBTVET centers were selected against the following criteria

  • Previous experience with reputable organization in provision of Vocational Skills
  • Registration with the local authority
  • Availability of competent and qualified instructors
  • Availability of training tools and equipment
  • Willingness to support the youth after the training in accessing employment opportunities

Against these set of criteria the following centres were selected to provide EBTVET services for SOYVGA

Selection and placement of 80 beneficiaries for 6 skills areas in the selected EBTVET centres

Out of the 207 youth who applied for the TVET training program with SOYVGA, 80 of them were selected and placed in the various centres by the selection panel. Most of the youth who were turned out were secondary school students who wanted to enroll in the program. However, from previous experience SOYVGA new that this group was highly susceptible to dropout when their classes conflict with the training. Therefore 80 trainees that met these selection criteria were selected and placed in centres as follows

Conducted one day career guidance training for the 80 beneficiaries prior to the selection of the skills

SOYVGA conducted one day career guidance training for the 80 selected youth before their placement. The aim of the career guidance was to inform the beneficiaries about the available skills for trainings and the benefits of each skill against their individual interests and talents. Managers and instructors of various training centres were also invited to the workshop and they talked deeply about the skils they provide and the employment opportunities connected to each skills including market drivers for each skills and the opportunities for value additions by the trainees to access employment opportunities.  This ensured that each of the 80 trainees fully new about the skills that they will be trained on for the next 6 months


  • Pressure from some local authorities to push SOYVGA to select specific centres that caused some friction though SOYVGA resolved these amicably
  • Most of the beneficiaries expected monetary incentives for attending the trainings as provided some previous NGOs
  • Some beneficiaries also expected SOYGA to provide teaching and learning materials for them
  • Most beneficiaries also asked SOYVGA whether start up tools and materials will be provided after completion of the training