Distribution Team:

  2. Waberi Local Authority
  3. B/Elay WASH Committee
  1. Background



Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are critical for survival in the initial stages of an emergency. People in emergencies – especially children – are more susceptible to illness and death from diseases that are often caused by lack of sanitation, inadequate safe water supplies and poor hygiene.

The alarming WASH needs assessment report of Bulla Eelay by Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association (SOYVGA) lead to the response of WASH Cluster, UNICEF requested SOYVGA to distribute Hygiene kits to 450HHs IDPs from their regional Hub store managed by SARREDO, the kits were composed of Bar soap, Aqua tabs/water maker, 20 liter Jerry can and 20 liter Buckets. Distribution was done on 10th March 2016 jointly by SOYVGA team, Bulla Elay WASH Committee and Waberi Local Authority.

We therefore send our warm and special thanks to the WASH Cluster team Mr Kassim from IOM (WASH luster focal point) and Patrick Laurent from UNICEF (WASH Cluster Coordinator) for their immediate response and heartfelt concerns to this crisis

  1. Beneficiary Selection Criteria

SOYVGA team together with Waberi Local Authority lead by the DC (Hawa Kin) carried out door to door campaign in the IDP camps 6th – 8th March 2016 to identify the beneficiaries and finally came up with a beneficiary list of450HHs targeted 4 IDP Camps in Waberi district 100 households from B/Elay, 200 HHs Socdal, 100 HHs Geseed and 50 HHs from Jabuti.

Distribution Methodology

Hygiene kits were assembled at Waberi DCs compound for security reasons and to avoid looting.

  • Cards were given to each of 450 beneficiaries bearing their names a day prior to the distribution.
  • Beneficiaries were released from the gate in groups of 10 where each was given his kits
  • Beneficiaries were sensitized on the importance of hygiene and sanitation, they should wash their hands with soap and how to treat their water using aqua tablet @20liter/1tablet.

Total Sanitation Kits Distributed

Supply items Quantities
Bar Soap  2250 Bars (800g)  OR  90 Boxes
Aqua tabs/ Water maker  90000 Tablets OR  6 Cartons
20 Liter Jerry can  450 Jerry Cans
20 Liter Bucket  450 Buckets

Sanitation Kits House Hold Entitlement

Supply items Quantities per HH for 3 months
Bar Soap 5Bars
Aqua tabs/ Water maker 200 Tablets
20 Liter Jerry can 1 Jerry Can
20 Liter Bucket 1 Bucket


The DC (Mrs. Hawa Kiin), community elders, women group and the youth of Waberi appreciated and thanked SOYVGA team for their initiative, commitment and hard work throughout the exercise and they said still there is a lot to be done compared to the needs of the IDPs, while SOYVGA Executive Director Mr. Abdikadir welcomed the comments from the community he informed them that it’s our responsibility to help our community, but the credit goes to the WASH Cluster.

According to our joint assessment report Action Plan, so far we achieved a number of them while some are still bending, see below table;

Action Plan:


No Activity Action When Achieved
1 Rehabilitation of 3 latrines To be implemented by SOYVGA ASAP Yes
2 Community sensitizatio/awareness on Hygiene & sanitation SOYVGA & Local authority ASAP Yes
3 Formation of village WASH Committtee SOYVGA & Local authority ASAP Yes
4 Training of WASH Committe SOYVGA ASAP Yes
5 General cleaning of common areas & garbage collection SOYVGA & Local authority ASAP Bending
6 Tools for cleaning like Wheelbarrow, Rake & Shovel etc Kassim to follow up WASH Cluster ASAP Bending
7 Sanitary kits (chlorine, soaps) Kassim to follow up WASH Cluster ASAP Yes
8 Rehabilitation of broken hand pump well Kassim to follow up WASH Cluster ASAP Bending
9 Installation of more public kiosks (Tabs) Kassim to follow up WASH Cluster ASAP Bending
10 Food & NFIs, Nutrition supplement for the IDPs Kassim to follow up Livelihood, Protection & Nutrition Cluster ASAP Bending



There were no major challenges apart from the normal distribution commotion.


We recommend if we can we can try to achieve the bending activities in our action plan above with the help of WASH Cluster coordination and other concerned Clusters.

Distribution List

Attached is beneficiary distribution list

Distribution Photos

SOYVGA team & DC distribution planning session          Packed Sanitation Kits

Packed Sanitation Kits                                                        Assembling & preparing kits per HH entitlement

Assembling & preparing kits per HH entitlement     DC & SOYVGA monitoring the distribution

Beneficiary signing distribution list                               Beneficiary signing distribution list

Beneficiaries cross checking their HHs sanitation kits entitlement

Commotion at the distribution gate Waberi Local Authority office

Beneficiaries going home with their kits


2nd last group of beneficiaries going home and last group coming in

End of distribution exercise last group heading home

Reported by:

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