1. Executive Summary

 SOYVGA is a youth led local humanitarian organization that supports and enables young people to create sustainable livelihood access basic education through programming in the areas of peace building, conflict resolution GBV, livelihoods, arts & good governance. The organization also promotes, protects and advances young people’s human rights by building Leadership,

SOYVGA is empowering young people through access to information about services and rights. Such that they can build collective platforms to challenge and develop their leadership potential, politics and identity. We empower young people by supporting their work through positively and productive therefore SOYVGA organized ceremonial events for the international peace day in parts of Somalia. The events happened in several regions of south central regions in Somalia to enable young people to engage with democracy, development and peace building.

  1. Introduction

The International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day, occurs annually on September 21. It is observed by many nations in the world, to contribute promotion of peace and security of the country and advocate for peace and initiating positive change among youth that leads to effective participation in regional to able to play their role.

Community Awareness/Mobilization Activities and Event Pictures

During commemoration of the international day of peace, a hundreds of people comprising of youth, children and elderly persons in and out of school youth participated the event to celebrate for this memorable day. This was because of the efforts that were put in place by SOYVGA organization such as preliminary awareness through media. The day was observed with Joy and happiness. During the celebrations the youth sung songs like “ Helis walkuroon Maleh” Meaning Nothing is better than reconciliation. They also presented a play on peace, love and unity such as “Nebeda Naas ly Nuugy leh” ‘ Only peace than can provide milk’ and incorporated the above songs in addition to “Harby Hadiignimaadis, ‘ the ethics of war and peace.

During the international day of peace SOYVGA team led by executive director Mr Abdukadir Mohamed Nur with the collaboration of Banadir regional authorities  provided an opportunities to involve children and youth , as well as adult Adults, in learning, discovery, dialogue and  skill building related to peace and non Violence with in the communities.


Event Pictures of other areas.