On 12 August 2016, the world will for the 17th year draw attention to cultural and legal issues surrounding youth, commemorating International Youth Day (IYD) 2016. The annual international celebration, incepted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1999, aims to revel young peoples’ energy, innovations, imagination and initiatives, as well as to highlight their potential and abilities to drive change in our modern global society

Today marks International Youth Day, a day where we can focus on inspiring and empowering a young generation in Somalia. There is a greater need more than ever to invest in youth today. This year, International Youth Day is about achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

SOYVGA Education is playing its role and working towards Goal #4 – Quality Education. SOYVGA believes  Somalia would be a better place if all young people were empowered through innovative education to create the life they want to lead Limited access to educational excellence and innovation narrows the life chances of young people in Somalia

SOYVGA helps to unlock the potential of young people by working with governments, ministries of education, and other educational experts to help deliver to both schools and teachers in Somalia. It delivers support, information, and technology to promote change and improvement in education to enable young people to attain better grades.

Education is a basic human right. But resources for schools are sometimes extremely limited. SOYVGA provides schools with financial support and trainings. Through education, we believe it is possible to increase living standards. There are many studies and observations demonstrating the link between education and escape from poverty, and there

learning platforms for children in these communities we can open up a whole new world of information and help the youth of tomorrow fulfill their potential.

By using learning in the classroom, we can help build confidence and skills in our youth and give them the tools to be leaders and role models in their community. Every child is entitled to an education; we are working to provide a brighter future for those who need it most. By doing so we are giving youth a voice and the proper tools for them to develop and be able to educate those in their community.

The children in Somalia are brimming with potential and we need to continue to support and enhance the abilities of our younger generation for future success. Together we can all make a difference in youth and skill development and work towards creating a more sustainable future for all.

The director of SOYVGA Mr. Abdikadir Mohamed Nur said “to stop youth from extremist ideology the only key is education”.

SOYVGA conducted football competition in marking this year’s celebration. Nearly 1200 persons participated in the celebration that was held in Mogadishu. The celebration was also marked in Baidoa and Afgoye corridor implemented and supported by SOYVGA.