SOYVGA team had on 6th April, 2016, launched Alternative Livelihood project (ALEP) in Baidoa at Tanaad Conference hall. A mixed 65 participants  various community groups of women, elders, youth,religious leaders and guests from local authority were invited. The gender composition of the participants were male 38 and female 27.The participants started coming in at round 8:00am and SOYVGA

began registration of participants. The project coordinator (Mohamed Mahdi) welcomed guests/participants by inviting one of the religious leader to bless the session by reciting versus of the qur aan and requested the local authority members to give their official endorsement of the project. He welcomed the district social affairs officer Mr. Abdille Osman told the participants this is phase II of ALEP and a very important project that will benefit  youth by equipping the disadvantaged youth with the necessary skills for the creation alternative livelihood for 80 housedhold/families of which the SOYVGA NGO will be providing enterprise based  trainings/courses  to youth beneficiaries in Baidoa district of Bay region,South West of Somalia.

The project is an opportunity for older youth who cannot sit in class with younger children. He continued telling the participants in educating the youth; the project will improve security by reducing crimes in the area as idol youth are the ones that are committing crimes here. He stressed youth defecting from alshabab will be given first priority. The project is funded by AFSC and the phase I was very successful prompting the release of phase II, expecting it  continue for sometimes ,if we actually own it.. Mr.Osman thanked SOYVGA for their good work, AFSC the donor for their generous support for Baidoa community and finally requesting the community to bring their youth for the training and handed over to South West Civil Service Commission Directot of Political Affairs, Mr.Hassan Yemani who thanked Sovyga, the donor (AFSC) by saying without them, it would not have been possible to launch of this important project and participants for their continued support to the administration and the local implementing partner(SOYVGA). He continued by telling the participants that education is the key to success and argued the community members to benefit from this important opportunity that knocked our door this time through Soyvga, that would not be there always. He again thanked AFSC for kind support and requested more support for Baidoa district and the South West Region at large. He welcomed the Director General of South West Ministry of Information and Awareness Mr. Ismail Mustafe,who also greeted the guests and participants by telling them to bring their un educated youth to gain life skills to support them and their families in the near future.I know for sure 60 is not enough but better than nothing. He continued by expressing thanks the donor AFSC and the SOYVGA the implementing partner thereby finally requesting more support for youth in South West State of Somalia and handing over microphone to the Hon. Mohamed Haji Ibrahim (Lungi) South West Assistant Minister the for planning and International Cooperation who took over the speech by thanking SOYVGA for facilitating and the donor (AFSC) for supporting this worthwhile project for Baidoa youth which is an important part of educating vulnerable youth here in our locality.” Much had been said by my colleagues, but would also like to thank you all and the second phase of the project ceremony is officially launched now Thank you!.

Later SOYVGA team took over and started familiarization with the participants. ALEP project coordinator welcomed the participants and introduced to them to the project, orienting them on the objective of the project, number of beneficiaries and the duration.The team facilitated the participant’s selection of a 7 member panel which will select the beneficiaries through set out project selection criteria. The project coordinator requested the community to support the project, of which the participants agreed. Thereafter at around noon refreshment was served and the session closed with word of prayers.