The collapses of Somalia central Government 1991 has led to the migration of Somalia people to other parts of the world.

The social economic and infrastructure collapsed, this has led the communities to the suffer, especially the Vulnerable groups such as women, children, Youth, Intellectuals and Elders.

The predominant human development prompted the creation of numerous Integration while many junior youth filled the gap and involved in education levels activities. However, there is a immense need to build the capacity of these junior youth.

In consequence, we considered to intervene and dedicated to implement beneficial projects in Somalia to restore Somali youth’ rights and provide trainings to their capacity.

After series of meetings, the founders realized that there is a gap that needs to be filled which is generally left out by most of Somali community, politicians and advocate to the rights of the Somali youth generation. Almost all Somali youth fled the country to the four winds of the globe, but the founders of this association are those who were trapped and remained in the capital since 1991.

The organization addresses another important issue of training the Somali young that has neglected during the anarchy and chaos in Somalia.

Vision Statement:

SOYVGS realize an improved socio-economic condition of the target communities living with prosperity, self-reliance, sustainable peace, democracy and respect for human rights.
Mission Statement:
Enhance the living standard of Somali societies into self-reliance and prosperity through provision of relief, rehabilitation, development programs & strengthen the local capacities to address their issue of needs in a transparency and participatory approach

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