September this year is an important month for Africa in terms of development. The process of arriving at SDGs which has been long and involving different stakeholders will culminate at these SDGs being adopted by UN Member States. There are many young people out there doing amazing work at the community in different capacities and NAYD wishes to highlight their work and help tell a positive African story. This month we celebrate the work done by Somali Youth Voluntary Group Association (SOYVGA) which is based in Somalia.

Celebrating the National Youth Day

Following the political upheavals in Somalia that saw many people displaced and others leaving the country among those remained saw a need in the community and decided to come together and do something about it. This saw the birth of SOYVGA which seeks to equip the youth with skills and the capacity to build their country.SOYVGA envisions a Somalia with socio-economic conditions that enables communities to live in prosperity, self-reliance, sustainable peace, democracy and respect for human rights.

SOYVGA has projects focusing on different areas from humanitarian assistance, education, food security, economic development to governance. This May, SOYVGA celebrated with other youths the National Youth Day in Mogadishu. Youth Day is marked on the 15th of May each year in Somalia to recognize the role of Somali Youth League (SYL) that played a key role during the fight for independence.

Marking the International Youth Day

To find out more about SOYVGA’s work and how you can be involved see their website here You can contact them through .